Client Testimonials

I am very satisfied with the results of having my ducts cleaned. Now my house maintains an even temperature in the rooms and my furnace is not straining and struggling to achieve a constant or particular temperature. My house is no longer dusty and I am able to use all my rooms without suffering "cold" spots or "hot" rooms. I expect savings on my power bills since my furnace isn't constantly struggling (and noisy!). And since I had the ducts treated for mold (and/or other unhealthy stuff) I sleep secure knowing the air is cleaner. Honestly, I only regret I hadn't done this sooner.

Woodbridge, Ontario

Mr. Duct’s people  were  extraordinarily friendly. You just don't find customer service like I received any longer. Thank you Mr. Duct for a  job well done! I would also like to mention that when I was advised of the number of other services they offered.  I booked my carpet cleaning and Tile & Grout cleaning.  I was extremely satisfied with all the work.

North York, Ontario


I wanted to thank you the professionalism that your crew exhibited when doing the work in my home.  Not only was the workmanship excellent, I have now recommended your company to a number of our neighbours. 

Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Duct cleaned our air ducts in Jan 2011 and we have seen a noticeable reduction in dust accumulating in the house.  It was money well spent.


Toronto, Ontario.