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Dad Crafts: Books in Time For...
If you need a gift idea for that hard-to-shop-for dad on your list, head to your local bookstore (okay, Amazon.com) for one of these fun project-packed books written by...
Red, White, and Blue Decorations...
Easy entertaining ideas for the 4th
Blogs We Love This Week
Check out the best of what's circulating the blogosphere this week.
For the Perfect Paint Job
DIY your paint job with help from the experts from ScotchBlue.
We're keeping our eye on...
...red! It cropped up in the 90s as the dining room color du jour, but since then it's faded into the sunset. But it's on our radar, and here's why.
Closing the Deer Diner
Tired of serving the local wildlife an all-you-can-eat buffet of perennials, annuals, and shrubs? Take some tips from a new book on the best deer-resistant plants.
Organizing Tips for Summer Travel
With airline baggage fees, confusing security measures, and grumpy passengers, air travel is getting trickier every year. As a professional organizer and frequent traveler,...
Cinched Ribbon Rose
Create a pretty little rose just by cinching wired ribbon
How to Clean Streaks on Stainless...
Cleaning steaks on stainless steel
How to Remove Melted Lip Balm From...
Removing melted lip balm from clothes
How to Remove Olive Oil From...
Removing olive oil from concrete
Total Time Savers: Remove Underarm...
De-yellow and de-stink your family's clothes
Do It Smarter: De-Bug Your Home
How to rid your home of insects.
DIY Birthday Party Ideas for Women
Who doesn’t love a birthday celebration? A birthday is one day devoted to celebrating a human being’s presence in this world and is one day that you should...
Blogs We Love This Week
Check out what's circulating the blogosphere this week.
Grand Ole Opry's After-the-Flood...
This month last year Nashville had massive flooding, and the iconic Grand Ole Opry building took a major hit. But in true pluck-and-grit style, the tktktktktktktk.
How Much Is Too Much to Keep...
When does a practical working supply become an unruly stockpile? Let’s explore the idea of “EXTRA!”
Layered Button Bookmark
Next time you need a quick gift, look no further than this project. It has tons of personality but takes about 10 minutes to create (if that).
Design Ideas for Every Room
Big, bold inspiration for every budget
Ikat, Everywhere
Ikat's been around for a while (okay, for centuries), but lately this home-fashion favorite has been popping up in some increasingly affordable spots. We've picked some...

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